Becky Johansson
Integrative Psychotherapist
UKCP Accredited. 
MA. MSc. BSc.

I am a fully qualified Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP accredited and a member of the Sherwood Institute of Psychotherapy; a UKCP Member Organisation and one of the foremost professional psychotherapeutic associations in the UK. I have worked for over 10 years facilitating support groups, counselling and crisis intervention services; working professionally as a psychotherapist since 2007.

I work with a wide range of issues including relationships and other family problems, stress, anxiety, low self esteem, lack of confidence, childhood trauma, abuse, depression, loneliness, career and/or problems at work, sexuality, 'coming out', dealing with homophobia, culture shock and migration issues, health, loss, bereavement and grief as well as search for meaning in life.

My psychotherapeutic model is Integrative; this means that I work from a combined theoretical base and move flexibly among a range of approaches from the therapeutic traditions. My intention as a psychotherapist is to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in which an ongoing and continuously evolving therapeutic relationship can unfold. I work together with the client to explore and understand their world, attending to the whole person; their perceptions, thoughts, feelings and physical experience. Particularly in longer-term psychotherapy, the nature and quality of the relationship that you and I co-create plays a very important part in the healing process. It often serves as a mirror, reflecting the hopes and fears at work in current and past relationships.

I work with a variety of techniques, depending on what you enjoy and find most useful; generally we would start off with you telling me about your life, looking at how it is for you living in the world. We would perhaps explore your family history if that is pertinent. It can also be useful to work with other methods for accessing your conscious and unconscious experiences; these can include working with art materials, using natural earth objects, visualisation, modeling, two-chair exercises, as well as cognitive behavioural exercises.

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