Work within the LGBT Community

I have worked within the LGBT community for over a decade, both as a group facilitator and as psychotherapist. I work to a gay and trans affirmative model whereby peoples sexuality and gender identity is respected and understood without being pathologised. It is absolutely essential that people can discuss and explore their sexuality and/or gender in a supportive and non-judgmental space. In addition to this, my knowledge and familiarity enables me to help normalise experiences, provide explaintions and empower my clients; increasing self awareness, self confidence and enabling decision making, where this is appropriate.

I would also like to stress that not all LGBT clients come to me with issues around their sexuality and/or gender. Relationship problems, break-ups, work/career changes, family problems etc. (see home page) are common problems to us all.  However, having a therapist who is experienced and knowledgeable about LGBT life means that these problems can be addressed appropriately, in the right context, without fear of homophobia, transphobia or just plain ignorance.

However, the combined effects of the experience of prejudice, discrimination, isolation and internalised negative feelings taken in from a hetero-normative society can also contribute to low self-esteem, increased anxiety, depression and a wide range of health problems within the LGBT community.

I believe that these factors mean that it is even more important for LGBT people to have access to professional services, such as mine, tailored to meet their specific needs.